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Terror, Terrorism & Sep 11th

Just after September 11th 2001, I wrote some articles that, with the benefit of hindsight, almost read like prophecies! They were highly unpopular with a large number of my ezine’s readership then. Then again, America was in a state of total denial at the time.

I think the following years have brought forth a lot more understanding of the role of Cause & Effect in world events, and of the so-called Terrorism going on. . So I doubt that my comments are quite as “offensive” as they seemed then.

Time and recent events have brought a lot of people around to many of the sentiments I expressed in the first article. Please note that it was written before Iraq, Afghanistan, or the present morbid absorption with Terrorism that the world seems caught up with today. But I warned about a lot of what was to come FIVE YEARS ago. Read for yourself and then come back and post your thoughts here…

Terror, Terrorism & September 11th


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  1. Asoka
    I find your blogs very interesting and insightful.
    Do you visit Intentblog? I think what you are writing is very resonant with what Deepak Chopra, DK Matai and others write. I will check in here now and again — keep up the good work!
    I linked to the site above, even though I am just a visitor.

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