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Take Action!….

I have a great quote for you today from Stuart Goldsmith ‘s
excellent book, The Seven Secrets Of the Millionaires. It goes like this…

“Serious People Actually DO Something; Non-Serious People Talk
About Doing Something or Plan to do Something One Day”

If you want to be wealthy, you must take action.

Action really is the key. You can have the best ideas in the
world or be the most talented person on the planet, yet still if
you do not take action you will remain poor. A half-wit who does
something will beat an inactive genius, hands down.

You need to take action, but most people cannot master this one –
it is far too hard for them.

I couldn’t agree more with this excellent insight from Stuart.
Action is so important. Far too many people – me included – are
way too cerebral. We are always planning to do something
“someday”. Well, today was “someday” yesterday! And tomorrow is
today’s “someday”! I know of people who “somedayed” their entire
life away!

A lot of this action avoidance is down to concealed Fear; fear of
success or fear of failure.

Ponder this with regards to your present hopes and dreams. Is
there something you are putting off, studying endlessly around
the subject, without actually DOING something?

And, of course, if you want to study the matter further, Stuart Goldsmith‘s
Midas Method course (which includes 7 Secrets Of The Millionaires) is an excellent primer in so many aspects of achieving
success, especially with regards to financial wealth.

But remember this: less procrastination, more ACTION!


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