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The Worry Stories You Create

Have you ever worried terribly about something that never happened? Have you ever imagined with great certainty that something intensely bad was happening , but it all turned out to be utter nonsense? It’s been said that worry is negative expectation of future events i.e. actually creating negative fantasies about …

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Terror, Terrorism & Sep 11th

Just after september 11th 2001, I wrote some articles that, with the benefit of hindsight, almost read like prophecies! They were highly unpopular with a large number of my ezine's readership then. Then again, America was in a state of total denial at the time. I think the following years have brought forth a lot more understanding of the role of Cause & Effect in world events, and of the so-called Terrorism going on. . So I doubt that my comments are quite as "offensive" as they seemed then. Time and recent events have brought a lot of people around to many of the sentiments I expressed in the first article. Please note that it was written before Iraq, Afganistan, or the present morbid absorption with Terrorism that the world seems caught up with today. But I warned about a lot of what was to come FIVE YEARS ago. Read for yourself and then come back and post your thoughts here...

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The Terrorist Granny….

60-year old in-flight granny panics with claustrophobia! Next thing.. she's handcuffed! Suspicious "notes" are found, two F-16 fight jets are scrambled (just in case the plane needs to be shot down), flight gets diverted, delayed on tarmac for hours, sniffer dogs checking everyone's baggage. And the whole thing makes it onto worldwide TV. Didn't do much for her claustrophobia, I guess.

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