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Star Wars, The Force, & The Higher Self

In case you hadn’t noticed, Star Wars is

And while everyone is talking about “May The Force Be With You!”,
the fact of the matter is that it already is. Anybody who has
watched the films cannot fail to be struck by the continual
metaphysical allusions throughout.

Of course, this is absolutely no surprise since mythologist
Joseph Campbell was George Lucas’ key advisor on all aspects of
the early Star Wars films. Although his influence is sorely
missed in the more recent films, it is nevertheless present in
the mythical ethos that Star Wars has created.

But here’s the interesting thing….

The “Force” IS already with you! Do you know what that force is?
No less than the Higher Self that we talk about in New Age
spirituality. It is that part of us that is in connection with
the All that is. This is what Campbell managed to inject into
those sci-fi movies – no less than a powerful analogy for the
Higher Self. Watch them again from a spiritual perspective and
these films take on a whole new meaning!

This is why, in the early films, when hero Luke Skywalker had
learned to harness the force, he could truly be called a Master.
But what he really had become in esoteric terms was a SPIRITUAL

And in my course, “The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher
Self”, you learn how to align with that same “force” to manifest
all the spiritual (and practical) benefits you deserve.

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So, until next time…

May The Force Be with YOU!

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