Who Is The Higher Self?

Throughout the ages, Ancient Wisdom has taught the existence of something that transcends everything we know, and yet is an integral part of our very being. It has bèen referred to with many titles: Guardian Angel, Inner Genius, Higher Self. If our own brain is beyond our understanding, how much more mysterious and incrèdible is this strange being we call the "Higher Self". What can it be? What "self" can possibly be higher than the one you are already familiar with? If this "self" is truly higher than what we are normally aware of, how can it be truly called "self"?

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Elvis, Fame & Fortune

Yesterday, I watched a program called "The Last Days Of Elvis". It seems that he had an addictive personality, was hopelessly hooked on a wide variety of drugs, ate incessantly, and was totally fed up with being Elvis. He was also terribly insecure. Bob Dylan once said that people don't value their anonymity enough. In other words, there is enormous value in being able to walk into a crowd and have nòbody know who you are. It seems that once you have lost that, you can never have it back. And that's when you really miss it and find yourself "trapped" in your òwn celebrity status.

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Helping Another With Critical Illness

Some years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had to go in for emergency surgery. The cancer was happily not of a fatal nature and, despite an operation that unexpectedly took her to then point of death, she survived and recovered fully. However, this situation brought to light matters that you need to consider carefully. You see, prior to this revelation, nobody in our family had ever suffered from cancer before. Indeed, we had come to think of ourselves as "immune"; a problem that affects other people, but will never touch us. Now we know better.

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The Conspiracy Of Terror

Are you afraid of a terrorist atrocity somewhere near you? Do you think the world is a more dangerous place since 9/11? After all, every day we see new kidnappings, videos of masked men standing over hostages with a timeline for execution, horrific bomb incidents across the planet, and more. The world seems to be a darker place, and our governments struggle heroically on our behalf to combat this seemingly endless menace. But is all this really so? Is this the objective truth?

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The Benefits & Dangers Of Spiritual Communities

spiritual communities

Being involved with a spiritual group has many tremendous benefits over going it alone, but it can also have many pitfalls. On the one hand, you have the benefit of interacting with people of like mind to your own. However, on the other hand, you have the many frustrations and challenges that come with participating in a group of diverse individuals, each with a separate opinion of what constitutes a correct approach to the spiritual path.

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