The Spiritual Lessons Of Falling Trees

We should also realize that crises are not an unusual visitation, but a normal part of life. Rather than ask, “Why did this happen to me?”, we do better to simply accept that it has happened, that crises happen to everyone and just get on with learning to deal with it and move on. In any life, we can expect a smooth period where all goes well, followed by an unexpected crisis. You get over the crisis, and recover that smooth road… and then you get hit by another crisis. Sometimes, you get more than one at the same time.

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The News Channel I Like!

Al-Jazeera does not just spoon-feed you the party line of propaganda, by treating the issues ridiculously simplistically, as is often the case elsewhere. Instead, they make a real effort to connect with the complexity of each issue they discuss. That's why you will hear opinions expressed that you just won't get elsewhere. Other English new channels have too many interests to protect, i.e. toe the party line etc., to ever dare to break new ground in honesty.

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