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Love Your Heart

Sometime back, I told you about how my father suffered a heart
attack while on a vacation cruise of the Mediterranean. The ship
was docked at Libya (of all places)and hence he was taken ashore
there. The doctors decided he had to remain there for a week For
monitoring. Meanwhile, the ship sailed without him, and he was
stranded in a hospital in Libya, with a serious heart condition.

Happily, all is well. He is back home in the UK, doing just fine,
and is more or less back to normal.

However, all of this illustrates a basic truth. You never know
when disaster may strike. Life is such a frail and fragile thing.
You might go out in the morning, and travel a route you are
totally familiar with, and be dead by evening.

This sort of thing is a reminder to us, to take each day as it
comes, and to live it to the full. You never know when it
might be your last.

It’s also a reminder that we should not take our loved ones for
granted. Our time on this earth with those we love is so short.
When you are young, it may seem like you’ll live forever.
However, as you get older, it becomes increasingly plain that you
will not. Any neither will those you love.

I bought my father Dr. Willix’s excellent book about holistic
methods of treating heart disease: How To Prevent Or Even Reverse
Heart Disease – Without Drugs Or Surgery.

It talks about the kinds of foods you can eat, the kinds
of exercise you can do, and the kinds of medical drugs and
surgical procedures to AVOID, in order to do the very best for
your heart, whether you have had a heart attack or not.

It’s eye-opening to say the least. I’m most impressed at how
willingly my father adopted these ideas. Prior to this incident,
his diet was frankly pretty poor. And he didn’t seem to really
care either way. However, he seems to have taken this incident in
the right way – as a wake up call to get serious, and not take
good health for granted.

It’s affected me too. I’ve generally done a lot less exercise
than I should. But, as a result of this family crisis, I’ve
begun a daily regime of doing some form of physical work for 45
minutes to an hour a day. For me, it’s Yoga or Qi Gong, or maybe
walking around the garden.

So…What’s it going to be for you?

I ask you that because you really do need to think about it.

Don’t wait for some physical disaster to happen to you or a loved
one to awaken to what you should have been doing (and probably
already KNEW you should have been doing) all along!

Here is tip for you. When exercise is a luxury rather than a
necessity, it will eventually be squeezed out of the schedule.

You need to make it a necessity, in the sense that you SCHEDULE
it. Just the same way as you would never go about the day without
first having brushed your teeth, you need to make exercise part
of a fixed schedule that you simply do NOT pass up. And you do
NOT schedule anything else in that time slot either.

That is what I have found works best for me. I think it will work
for you too, if you put it into practice.

Another thought. Diet. Your body is supposed to be a temple for
your spirit. So why fill it with fat-laden, junk-ridden fast
food, with almost zero nutritional value. Like so many things in
life, you may not pay the price today, but sometime in the future

It’s that way with diet, exercise, and saving for your
retirement. You don’t HAVE to do it on a regular basis. And
there’s no immediate impact. But keep that up on a long-term
basis, and disaster will eventually strike. It’s the only sure

Anyway, I’ve found How To Prevent Or Even Reverse
Heart Disease – Without Drugs Or Surgery.
, to be excellent, and so has my father.
I recommend you take a good long look at the letter about it.

Frankly, it’s best NOT to have to wait for a health disaster to
happen to you, or to one of your loved ones, before you finally
get serious. It really is true that prevention is beter than
cure. Ah yes, if only you and I REALLY believed it?….

What I like about Willix’s book is that it contains common sense
HOLISTIC ideas and strategies that can really make a difference
in combating potential heart problems. Also, it gives real hope
to those who either have heart disease, or have even suffered
some form of heart attack.

I’ve read it through once, and scanned through it several more
times to get specific information about diet, vitamin
supplements, exercise strategies and more.

It’s good to know that, according to Dr. Willix (who is a former
heart surgeon), there ARE things you can do, in terms of
lifestyle change, diet and exercise, to avoid or even reverse
heart disease.

If you’re like I was, you might be thinking that this won’t
happen to you, so why bother thinking about it. However, it just
might. Or it could happen to a loved one. That’s why I figure it
makes sense to always have the latest, and most holistically
sound, information available to hand.

But whatever you do, remember that our time is short, and we
won’t always be here, and neither will our loved ones. Make the
most of the time you have, and make the most of them.


How To Prevent Or Even Reverse
Heart Disease – Without Drugs Or Surgery.

An excellent review of the many holistic methods for treating
heart disease – including diet, exercise, meditation and more.
PLUS the dangers of conventional treatments revealed…
by a former heart surgeon!

About Asoka Selvarajah

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah is a writer and teacher of personal growth and spirituality, and the author of numerous books and courses. His work helps people achieve their full potential, deepen their understanding of mystical truth, and discover their soul’s purpose. Subscribe to the Aspire To Wisdom list to receive more articles and resources to your inbox.

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  1. My dear, thank you for the sharing and for the peace. Words are the useless in case we applaud. But in case we applaud then we burn to participate in the sharing and to do that not only with words but to express that through our concrete deeds. Therefore, dear Asoka Selvarajah and all readers of the Mystic Visions Blog, let me to share with you the short story and excuse me please for my weak English (I am writing with a dictionary in my hands).

    A child was drawing a house and the father fulfilled son’s dream – the building was made.

    Father retired on a pension but son became a constructor.

    Baby drawings looked nice therefore there isn’t wonder that the identical houses were build in a different parts of the world.

    But when we climb to a roof, despite the fact that houses are alike, quite different perspectives come in view. Let’s look. A conception of a horizon is the same as in my country so somewhere in the far-high Mountains. That’s the obvious. But a comparison of the photos contradicts logic and presents nitty-gritty as an awe inspiring picture.


    And we trust in the miracle.

    Can you imagine how our life could look like in case an exotica in a travel agency booklet would be replaced by a teaching of a wise man, who said once, “Awareness of principals compensates the ignorance of some facts”?

    I had luck to hear that but I am sorry for I have forgotten the name of that man. I have red him in an olden days – I think the verse was written on the edge of our epoch, or even on times BC.

    In other words, are we blind and deaf?

    Two were sitting on the roof.

    One was gazing upon his feet and counting the degree of a possibility to fall down, but the other watched the distinct horizon. They acted differently but they were happy both: they both were very young…

    I had luck to study the research work of the both, and that was the incredible! Pictures under the feet were different of course but the conclusion was drown the same as in my country so in the most exotic land. Isn’t that a miracle?

    In short, I lifted up my head and took the lift to the roof.

    On the back of it, now I climbed to the top much quicker than in my school years.

    Old Chimney was puffing and it looked incredibly convincing- the smoke was wiggling so peacefully.

    Everybody should enjoy at the picture, but people are coughing.

    What happens here? I stand up on an open cornice and…

    I am sorry for it may look as the stretching of the truth, but I looked as the flag then…

    I took a deepest breath. But is it possible to write the obituary for the self?

    Despite the fact that our days wrote our obituary we ourselves never hear how other puts that text in a word. In a word that is dedicated to us but red for the reader himself

  2. Hello,
    First, its very good to know your father is improving, I hope it continues. The article is very thought provoking and Has definitely made me consider the pros and cons of my lifestyle. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  3. Your absolutely right, life is short. I haven’t read the book, “How To Prevent Or Even Reverse Heart Disease – Without Drugs Or Surgery”, but I like the idea of the holistic approach and will check it out. My husbands sister’s all have heart problems. Maybe I can help them. And about taking loved ones for granted, I pray that I remember that life is short and you can’t always pick up where you left off. In the blink of an eye, destiny’s can change. Always make the best of things and take Asoka’s advise and live life to the fullest. Most of all love and be loved.

  4. well, u r dead right.!we r absentminded,in almost all areas of life.so no real comment but to thank u again to remind us.( it seems there’s a long way and diffrernce between data and wisdom,good for those who r not born and won’t )
    thanks again

  5. You are very right most often we take things for granted until it strikes us or near us.Excersie should be a must for all of us & diet control is important. Another note often we do not take care of our heart & the chakra within. I just learnt that the hearat has its own brain.All the more we should be careful
    pranams peace & God bless

  6. Hi Asoka,

    Firstly, I am glad to hear that your father is getting better. Yes, life should not be taken for granted as it a beautiful gift given to us and we should open the ribbons and bows of life very carefully. We should appreciate everything and give thanks everyday even for the little things. Regarding our health, our body is our temple and what we put in it should be carefully examined before consumption from the food we eat and the thoughts that we put in. Exercise is a must just like anything else. Only we can take care of it! Looking forward to the next article. Keep up the good work. Warm regards, Yasminder.

  7. This sort of thing is a reminder to us, to take each day as it comes, and to live it to the full. You never know when it might be your last.

    It is true what u have said.

    I have few habits similar to yours. When I get up in the morning, first I do mediation for a few minutes, start studying my Technical books for one or two hours and finally do physical exercises for about 30 to 45 minutes. That keeps me younger than my age and makes me feel strong.

    Anna Nagar, Chennai

  8. This is EXACTLY what i’ve been needing to hear! For quite some time now i’ve been trying to ignore “That Little Voice” telling me to get up and get moving. Thank’s for the motivation I hope it sticks with me! :o)

    I’m happy to hear that your father is doing well, and I wish you and yours the very best.


  9. Dear Asoka,
    I’m so pleased and relieved that your Dad is improving and doing well. Yes, I’m the culprit of bad eating and diet and really do not care about my diet. Firstly I’m a nurse working shifts, so there’s the first part of my problem and I don’t eat meat and hate cooking, so it’s usually Tuna out the can!!You have made me think very hard about your article and I should know better. Thank you for that. I shall endeavor to improve my lifestyle! Life is precious as I see it daily and it’s never too late to make changes. Thank you again Asoka. Good health to you and your family. I shall look out for your book and certainly purchase it. Colleen

  10. My husband had open heart surgery a year ago. You are right, these types of things take us by surprise but should we be surprised? I live in America where obesity is a problem. Most of us do not think of our lifestyle until it is too late. When this happened to my husband I was strongly cognizant of the implications both for him and myself. Like anything one’s resolve weakens over time. Thanks for bringing the subject back to the forefront of my mind…….I do agree this is invaluable information.
    I am happy for your father’s recovery and I know what it feels like to receive a gift of recovery with a loved one’s illness. It is a wonderful gift. You are blessed to have a forum where you can share this gift with your readers and I thank God for you today!

    Be Well,

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