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How To Change Career Painlessly…

There are at least two possibilities to consider when trying to change career in a painless fashion

The first might be to transfer gradually to the area you are interested in within your existing firm. If you begin to express an interest in be more involved in a specific area of the firm’s business, and they are amenable to this sort of flexibility, then this can gradually become more your emphasis over time.

Often, this is not suitable. The other possibility is to seek it in another firm, but by getting into that firm with the experience you have, and doing roughly the job you are doing right now initially, but with the aim of moving into what you really want to do later. In other words, rather than make an upward move within your own firm, you make a sideways move to another.

For example, you are a secretary, but dream of being an advertising executive. You have neither the experience nor qualifications, but you are determined. So, you get a job in an advertising agency as a secretary. After a year or two of this, whilst also quietly learning the ropes of Advertising within the organization, you ask to be given a role closer to your heart’s desire. If you have done your previous role well, and are liked by the right people, you are given a shot. This is true, even though your formal qualifications would never have got you this role, if you had applied for it cold from the outside.

Actually, this sort of thing happens all the time. In my former career in Investment Banking, I have seen secretaries and back office assistants become traders/dealers quite often. I have even seen a former computer hardware salesman, who sold computer hardware to one bank I worked in, get hired by the head of the trading floor as a Fixed Income Bond salesman. With NO experience, and no university degree! His skill in selling was his qualification, and probably the best one.

Those are some possibilities for you to think about. There’s always a way, with a little creativity.

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