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Posted on Friday, May 31, 2002 - 11:14 am:   

Many people these days hate their jobs and wish they were doing
something else. Given that each of us has tremendous genius
potential within, why do we fritter it away on an activity that
consumes most of our life and yet brings little satisfaction? Why
do we live only for the weekend, saying "Thank God it's Friday"?
Why is it medical fact that the highest incidence of fatal heart
attacks occur at 9:00 on Monday morning?

The answer may partly lie in the fact that we are too casual
about our initial career choices. A large number of people find
themselves at the end of the formal education process, with
little idea of what to do next. They have to make some rapid
career choices, without thinking hard enough about what the big
picture of life will be. Motivated by immediate economic
necessity, they choose careers they are unsuited for. Once the
mistake is made, it is then persisted in. Change seems
increasingly impossible to accomplish; simply too much effort or

Due to chenges in the workplace, a once promising job may become
mudance and boring, even dreadful. Perhaps you were lied to at
interview and the job is totally different to what you expected.
Perhaps it was another reason altogether...

However, the truth is that if you are in a job you dislike - even
hate - then you are selling yourself down the river. Nobody else
is doing it for you. It results in low self-esteem, high fatigue
and stress levels, chronic under-achievement of your true
potential, inexplicable illnesses, and usually a low level of
income, both financially and in terms of job satisfaction.

What is the other possibility? You find something you really love
to do and pursue it with all your heart. This is what the great
geniuses of history were basically doing. Imagine Leonardo da
Vinci thinking to himself "God! It's Monday morning. Do I have
to?....." and then rolling over in bed. People like this
possessed high levels of energy, and could carry on day
and night, because they were passionate about what they were
doing. Their job was their passion and their life. That is how it
is meant to be. It can be the same for you. You need to start by
believing that YOU are here for something; that there is
something that YOU can do better than anyone else.

Misguided people sometimes say of a wealthy person, "Why does
he/she keep working? After all, he/she's made more money than
anyone could spend in a lifetime!" This betrays a basic
misunderstanding of the nature of work. The reason such a person
continues working is NOT because of sheer greed, but because it
is the work itself that matters. It is their passion and their
joy. The money is merely a means of keeping score. Such a person
might still do this work even if there was little money in it.

Change IS possible for you. If you think "I'm too old", "I don't
have enough experience" or whatever, the only thing holding you
back is your own mental interpretation of the situation. The
world has all the opportunities you could possibly want, no
matter what your starting point. However bad your situation might
be, someone else has had it much worse and then gone on to great
success. It is well worth remembering that!

If you lack the education you need, you can get it. You do
not need to go back to school either. There are seminars, tape
courses, and excellent books. There are trainers in almost every
subject. A huge number of training resources are now free.

The reason that all these excellent resources and opportunities
do not get used is because the mindset of the person stuck in a
work rut shuts down. It fails to see the unlimited possibilities.
Children are amazingly spontaneous and capable of seeing all the
available possibilities. However, adults have shut down this
capability to a large extent; especially if they have allowed
themselves to remain in situations they hate for extended
periods. They engage in a form of learned helplessness: "It
doesn't matter what I do. Nothing will change. I may as well stay
here and put up with it. Better the devil you know......"

If you hate your job, why don't you start right now to make the
change you desire? If you hate it badly enough, why not quit? The
answer is invariably.... FEAR. This word forms an acronym: F -
False E - Expectations A - Appearing R - Real. In other words,
fear is creating false dreadful visions of the future, making
them appear real in the mind, and thereby acting upon them as if
they were real and inevitable. However, with a little mental
effort, you could just as easily envisage a situation where
opportunities came to you when you take a risk and make a change.

Life is about risk. The only people not subject to risk are
already dead. Which do you think is REALLY more risky in the
long-term - staying in a job you dislike and where you are
unappreciated, or taking the time to find something more suited
to your abilities and life goals? There are no jobs for life
anymore. You can spend years in a job you hate, and one day come
in to find yourself fired. If you do not like the job, you are
unlikely to be doing your best. So, guess who is most likely to
get the chop when the time comes?.....

If your work situation is chronically bad, consider quitting
immediately and then looking for a new role. Often, the universe
needs you to create a vacuum in order to fill it. In one job I
loathed, I lingered on for over a year in an ever-worsening
situation. I did have several job interviews but nothing came of
them. The negativity of my work situation doubtless carried over
into my attitude at interviews. Finally, there was a management
change at work. I was called in 48 hours later by the new Head,
and promptly made redundant. Within a week I had interviewed with
a new firm that rapidly offered me a job. I was working within
six weeks of the redundancy on twice my former salary, with a
supportive manager and a much better future.

It really can work this way. Note how this new job appeared
immediately AFTER I hit the street. A year of more of prior job
searching took me nowhere.

If you are not ready to simply quit and look for something new,
then at least begin to prepare for the event. Begin saving money
and getting your affairs in order. There is nothing like money in
the bank - six months of salary for example - to boost your
confidence and enable you to make that needed change all the
sooner. It gives you FAR more options.

If simply quitting on a job you hate is not your style, or if
your dependents and bills prohibit it, then make the change in
gradual increments. The first step is to actually get a clear
idea of what you actually DO want to do. It may have nothing to
do with the industry you are currently in. The good news is that
in this modern age, most people can expect to have several
different careers in their lives. Hence, a complete change of
direction is no longer inconceivable. Getting clear on what you
really love to do is where it begins.

What if you have no experience for the role you want to get into?
One solution is to try a sideways move. Get into the type of
company offering the role you want, but do so by getting in
through offering the same job you are currently doing. Then
gradually make the move to the role you desire by getting the
additional training you need over time within the new firm.

Of course, an excellent way to achieve work satisfaction is to
start your own business. The internet is one excellent way to do
this, and to begin it in your spare time. Create an information
product on a subject you know and love, and offer it to others
online. The entire world is now your marketplace for the cost of
a phone line and a simple website. Alternatively, find an offline
market that is clearly popular and copy those people who are
already successful in it. There is no existing product or service
that cannot be improved in some way. Do this with a
product/service that is already a hit, and YOU have a sure

In summary, the only thing holding you back is mental attitude -
resistance to change and fear of uncertainty - and a touch of
misplaced complacency. If you are willing to make some time to
think and plan your future, then there is a real chance you will
actually have one that you will be happy with. In this world of
tremendous opportunity, the only person holding you down in a
position you hate is YOU. Begin to take some time every day to
think about what you would really like to do, and make a plan to
achieve it. You are here for something to be passionate about.
The sooner you find it, the happier you will be, and the more you
can give to the rest of humanity.

Copyright 2002, Asoka Selvarajah. All Rights Reserved.

Resources That Can Help:

Tape Seminars:

Your Life's Work by Rick Jarow


The Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Williams

What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles

Do What You Love The Money Will Follow? by Marsha Sinetar
Posted on Friday, May 31, 2002 - 12:19 pm:   

Well, I guess it may be easier said than done. I had been stuck in a boring job for years in a row. Why? because I was due for retirement in so many years, had a kid to raise on my own, and didn't really give a damn as to how 'efficient' I am. My main concern was how to 'make ends meet', take the job like 'medicine', and feel safe and secure, taking one day at a time. I know this is not the most ambitious attitude, but you know what? this worked fine with me. The years just rolled by, and here I am retired. I may not be the 'richest' woman on earth, but I am free, to do what I like at long last. I know what I don't like, so my long service was not infutile, in this regard. Ofcourse I retired the earliest possible, because I 'bought' my freedom to pursue other endeavors. From now on I can do what I ALWAYS wanted to do. There is always time and energy, once one put their mind to it.
Susie Lee
Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2002 - 6:24 am:   

There is always another way.

The way of Accepting Responsibility for your own actions and choices is one.

For instance, one may make a deliberate choice to enter into a job which they Know they may not always be very happy with, such as nursing , certified nurses' aide, or other medical professional care, or as a shelter-worker; of working with Emergency First Aide crews, with firefighters, or as a police officer. Jobs which have a generous share of heartache and downsides. Always have, always will. One may make the choice to shoulder their share of responsibilities which come with each of these simply because they feel it's the right things for them to do.
Because they can't NOT do it.
One may hate the incredible misery which comes at them, hate being helpless to help accident victims, the sick and ill, (for beyond certain points, one can do nothing but try to offer comfort, and sometimes even that offer gets rejected) and the terminally and chronically ill who will waste to their deaths before your eyes and beneath your very hands as you are doing your UTMOST to help and comfort them in every way and manner of which is humanly possible.
But you still can't NOT do it.
You can't NOT do everything in your power that you can Possibly Think of to TRY to help, ease and comfort them.
And, still, the nurses are spat on and struck at by their confused and frustrated charges. The nurses' aides are kicked and bitten by the very folks they're trying to bathe and clothe. The firemen die attempting their rescues of people caught in building fires. Police officers are shot trying to protect and serve. Emergency First Aid crews are utterly helpless to put back the shattered remains of little children killed by terrible wrecks.
And it's SO EASY just to "hate" the job.
Yet we can't NOT do it.
We can't NOT TRY.
We accept the responsibility of our jobs with open eyes to the incredible frustrations of helplessness, and of being rejected and assaulted by the very folks we are there to assist and comfort. To the even sharper and deeper pain of being utterly helpless in the face of the deaths of all those we try so desperately to save and preserve.
Yet even when some among us quit, most of those find themselves drawn back to still caring, to still being somehow involved in the caring process.
Because we can't NOT do it.
Elizabeth Hambrook
Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2002 - 8:47 am:   

Here is a story to lend hope to those who are too nervous to change jobs.

Years ago I lived in a large, busy city commuting to work every day from the suburbs. I loved my job but hated every minute of the noisy, polluted city life. I longed for the clean air, the peace, and the serenity of a life in the country. I was a single mum with 2 children to support on my own so how could I give up a job that I not only enjoyed but was secure and put my children’s wellbeing in jeopardy just to fulfil a dream of mine to live in the country?

I took a deep breathe of faith and leapt into the void of uncertainty without giving myself time to doubt that everything would turn out just fine.

I found a house to rent in amongst beautiful green rolling hills, then went to my boss and quit my job. I had no idea how I was going to pay for the rent, food, children’s 101 needs or the bills.
The universe is such a kind and supportive entity. By the time I had finished that working day, my boss came to me and told me how they had been looking for an outlet to sell some surplus items and asked me if I could possibly set up a stall at the country market and sell them. I would only have to pay a small amount for the items, as the company was desperate to get rid of the constant surplus.
This is how the universe works. If we don't block opportunities with doubt and fear then things flow naturally to suit our needs and desires.

I started up the market stall going once every Saturday from 7am until 3pm. During those 8 hours of work, I made more money than I had originally made at my job in the city working 40 hours.

So my advice is to jump in knowing that the Universe is always one step ahead laying out the red carpet for you if you are willing to tread the path with a faith that everything will turn out OK.
Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2002 - 5:31 pm:   


This lecture of yours has nothing to do with the point of the article, and if you think about it a little, you will soon realize that.

People do all kinds of jobs that may not be pleasant. They do them for all sorts of reasons that may well be altruistic. Do you SERIOUSLY think the point of my article was to tell people to stop being nurses, fire fighters and police because it is a tough and often unpleasant job?

That is a perverse interpretation of what the piece was intended for.

If people do these roles, they do them from choice and stay with them from choice, even if it is challenging at times. And you know what? A lot of these people really LOVE their jobs. Your implication that these people are all suffering heros who hate their jobs, but do them anyhow is quite mistaken. They don't hate them at all. My mother was a nurse for nearly forty years, and she had a very hard time indeed. I recall her complaining about many things, but never about hating her job. If a nurse or fire fighter REALLY hates their job, it is 100% certain they should NOT be doing it, because they would be endangering other people's lives. Nobody who works at such a critical profession motivated by HATE of the job can be truly effective or even safe at it.

The article was about people TRAPPED in positions they have created for themselves, that takes them nowhere, and who possess little energy, inclination or self-belief to break out.

I find your equating my article as calling on people to quit valid professions to be 100% absurd. Your post, whilst sounding very lofty, is nothing of the sort. These people may well be the unsung heros of our day. However, the notion that they are all throwing their own lives away in some self-sacrificial way is a romanticized vision that does not bear any scrutiny. It simply is false.

People do these jobs because they WANT to, and continue in them mostly for the same reason. Having said that, if they feel they wish to change and do something else, why shouldn't they? It's hardly a sin.

It makes perfect sense to wake people up to the possibility of change, who may have given up hope. That is what this article tried to do, despite your clear insinuation that it was merely aimed at pointing people to a cushy life.

For instance. everything I said in my article could have applied to a person making chips in a fast food restaurant, who is desperately unhappy with it, and who dreams of becoming a NURSE, a FIRE FIGHTER or a POLICE officer! How do you know it wasn't?....

I am being e-mailed all the time by people asking my advice about career change. That is one reason I wrote the article. I know people who do HATE their jobs, and who can see no way out of it, and have lost a lot of hope. By the way, some of these people earn in excess of $50,000 per year; some in excess of $100,000. So again, if you think, or wish to imply, that the article is about dumping a meaningful job to make "a fast buck", you would be quite wrong.

Instead of shooting from the hip, I suggest you give some thought to what was actually said in a previous post/article before always insisting on giving a contrary response.

Susie Lee
Posted on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 7:18 am:   

Dear Asoka,
I was a nurses' aide for 8 years, then a licensed nurse for 31 years, with very dear freinds among the firefighters, Police Officers and Emergengy First aide respondents.

You still don't understand what "we can't NOT do it" means...

It means we who feel that way are smack in the midst of DHARMA! "On Purpose"
what we do is part of being "on Our Purpose".
And there is the innate sense of committment to our duties, of an innate "NEED" to do each our UTMOST towards our purpose. Our "Dharma!"

You see there is always an Other Way! One way, to move towards Love in a manner that seems to be linearly from the opposite-seeming feelings of despair and misery,
Yet there is no linear-ness, all is in Balance and part of an WHOLE!
And an Other way in moving towards Love from the standpoint of being un-ABLE to do less than one's level best, KNOWING misery and even despair is there, and FACING it, head on, and moving THROUGH all that, still, towards LOVE.
For did we not, at our inmost hearts, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, as surely as the God and the Goddess within us each, then none of us shall have begun yet another existence, nor freely and openmindedly and KNOWINGLY taken up our duties.

Sure some few might quit. But I happened to notice that MOST in each of the deepest-service, professional or volunteers, we do NOT quit. We're "there" for so long as we CAN possibly continue.
Because we can't Not be.

There is no way I can see that what I have said is contrary to anything you'd stated.
Being On Dharma, On "PURPOSE", whether via need or desire, or both, that was one of our cheiftest reasons for incarnating in the first places!

So don't take offense where none was offered, my offering was just from ANOTHER POINT WITHIN THE SPHERE!

Goddess bless thee and becalm thee!
Posted on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 11:39 am:   

Sometimes "other points in the sphere" have no connecting point the the whole,but are part a part and not the whole.I can relate to both ideals and thoughts on the subject.But for one who is guided and "intune",to their inner spirit know that many situations and choices have been pre-designed,from our last live,or lifes.The core of the "point",I belive is for one to recognize the *rut* ,that has been created or choosen by oneself and work toward changing, first the energy around them and then eventually altering their life style.There is so much spiritual knowledge for one to tap into.I have been a nurse since the early 70's.Each year for the past 5 years I've wanted to change my career.I have 2 graduate degrees and numerous other credits,yet I'm still in nursing.WHY?Because that is where I'm suppose to be in this life.How do I know this ...because I took the time to get a spiritual reading.In the ODUA'my lessons of this life and past lifes surfaced.The main question was answered ,to stay in the medical field because I am a born HEALER.Now,with this information if I still choose to leave the medical career and venture into something else I will have to deal with the circumstances that arise.It's like being in heaven and GOD,say's "I have a bowl of rice for you today."You look at the bowl of rice and reply to GOD,"I want noodles instead."God will give you want you ask for (free choice),with the lessons to learn until you see that the bowl of rice was want you were suppose to have.This is a loose translation of an ODUA' but I think you can get the meaning.Every thing in life is set and in connection with something or someone else.Unbridled freedom,brings unbalance and eventually discord to the pattern that has been designed.If one claims that they are *intune* to the universe,then one can fully understand.Remember, "He who does not know...Does not die like He who knows."PEACEand Blessings.LOLA
Posted on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 3:29 pm:   

Elizabeth, Thanks for a beautiful sharing. Indeed, the universe will take care of one who follows their heart. :)

LOLA, Please, what is an ODUA'?
There are many ways to practice healing. By going daily to a job one hates, the negative energies one may bring to work and the workplace are detrimental to the positive and truly healing energies needed. (This applies to Any job or work, not just one field.) But...I have a friend who is a nurse. She just left a well-paying job at a hospital to work for a hospice organization. Less money, but she is much happier.

I am a healer, by calling not by education or career choice. It rather seems that the career (begun 9 years ago at age 39) chose me. :)

I do practice some energy healing, but my workday is spent with emotionally disturbed children, age 5 - 15. I've been physically and verbally assaulted. I've had to talk children down from hurting themselves or threatening to hurt others. I've ducked fists, feet, teeth, and flying chairs and backpacks. I've also received gifts of rocks, bouquets of weeds, drawings, and pictures torn out of coloring books (some colored inside the lines, some not.) :)

I Love my job....not because of what it gives me, but for what I can bring to the children...discipline, consistency, and love when it seems to them that no-one cares about them at all.

I do not get out of bed every morning saying to myself, "Well, who's going to try to scratch me today? Who's going to throw scissors across the room? Who's going to....?" Rather, it's "Who am I going to be called upon to help today? Who is going to need a calm voice and a steady hand?"

This, I think, should be the point about the policemen, firemen, etc. (My son is about to become a policeman, so this is of some importance to me. He chose this career because he wants to help people.)

If they Do go to work thinking, "I Have to do this job. What low-life am I going to deal with today?" then they really should consider changing professions. No one who considers themself a martyr brings good energy to themselves or anyone else. (Creator will never insist a person stay in a career which causes him/herself misery just because they Have to, or to learn a lesson. The Lesson is raising oneself above the misery and doing what you love and (AND!) what will be of service to others. If that means changing careers, one should do it!)

However, I believe that the vast majority of firemen, policemen, etc., go to work because they do like their jobs, and ask themselves, "Who will I be able to help today?" rather than take the negative/martyr outlook.

Susie Lee
Posted on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 5:41 pm:   

Hola, Phoenix and Lola! Sounds to me like you're each On your Purpose! In Dharma!
I see that the
God and Goddess work in Great Beauty
In thee,
AS thee!
And from all points within the Sphere of the Universe, even the SEEMING "darkest" or "lowest" we move, always, toward Love.
(Goddess Bless thee, Every Day, and Every Night, in Every Way)
Susie Lee
Posted on Monday, June 03, 2002 - 1:37 am:   

Hi, Susie Lee,

Well, and I think that people who have found their purpose in life are aware of it...accolades come from within. :-)

There isn't a darkness to overcome, or a light to just Is.

I don't believe it can be found by staying in a profession one dislikes, even out of a sense of duty. That is a disservice, and is disrespectful, of the job and especially of the Self. One cannot find one's purpose if one is feeling trapped or downtrodden.

Susie Lee
Posted on Monday, June 03, 2002 - 6:59 am:   

Dear Phoenix,
The body does not begin it's Changes except the Spirit gives it's consent.
The God and Goddess within each person, and each creature and each particle and area, all in a constant Dance of Life!, and so each movement and not-movement is Sacred, as is each area and particle of All Life and all things.

WHEN any person is ready, within their Spirit, to make a change, they then begin to Know that restlessness which urges them to either simply do it (effect their changes) OR to reach out to others for advice (such as dear Asoka, or anyone within their Sphere of Knowing whom they may feel is trustworthy as an advice-giver) regarding their graspings of their New Lines of Directions and changes.

Yet NOT EVEN DEATH may overcome any single spirit which has NOT given it's consent.

So that there are always those who are working out their Karmic debts and their egos experiencing "misery" either in their lives or jobs or both,OR may be in their chosen "seeming-bad" situations to Teach Themselves Something.

These folks remain silent and keep themselves deliberately un-aware that they CAN change their own courses at a single blink of an attitude. Self-compulsed, they remain where they are until their OWN spirit gives Consent to their changes and THEN they may make a move or reach out for advice on't.

So, when the folks who ARE ready for their changes,(worked out their Karmic debts, learned their own self-taught Lessons, whatsoever!) their own Divine Innate Spirit will allow them to see the Paths of change which were always there, yet which they disallowed themselves to see.
Posted on Monday, June 03, 2002 - 7:08 am:   

Thank you Phoenix for your thoughts.I should state that I,m still in the career that I love but on a higher level so I can do more healing.I just walked in the door from a 12hr hospice case.This is an interesting case because of the lack of proper spiritual connection the family has regarding the death and dying process.Questions like.. when is it going to happen?(like a scheduled appointment),will he suffer?should I tell him it's okay to go?.In this aspect of healing one is not only preparing the patient to make their transition easier,but we are also teaching and guiding the family in the (correct)way I only know how to walk.Death and the transition to the other life has for eon's been subject to the dogma of religions.A most beautiful sight to witness.I've had many close relatives make their transitons in the past few years,I wrote about my experiences on this e-zine.Again,if one is not internally happy, in any situation,take the first step to make a responsible.In the end you have yourself to blame.Just a little insight.A few years ago I got the courage to divorce my husband,in Islam for a woman to ask for a divorce is almost unheard of.Well,with peace and God's light for inspiration,not only did I get a divorce but great enlightenment.Each should search their hearts and do what makes YOU! happy at day's end.LOLA
Posted on Monday, June 03, 2002 - 10:08 pm:   

Hi, Susie Lee and LOLA,

LOLA, it took great courage for you to step out and away from your marriage. I'm very glad things are working out for you!

Susie Lee, perhaps the phrase "can't not do it" is interpreted different ways in different regions. The meaning I grew up with and still associate with it is very negative: I know what I am doing is self-destructive, but I have to do it anyway...I can't stop myself.

(Indeed, you seem to have associated a lot of negativity to it too, in your post on June 1.)

My husband held a particular job for 20 years, the last 10 of which he really hated it. We often talked about his leaving, but it never came to anything. For a zillion different reasons, he couldn't not go to work everyday! In the end, the business went under...the universe telling him (not to mention the other people who worked there) it was time to move on.

No problem. He was actually happy about it; and, wished he'd left there years ago! LOL He found a new job within a couple months; we relocated from the east coast to the Pacific Northwest.

The company turned out to be not so great. Without telling him beforehand, they were already planning to sell to an investment group and change direction. Don't worry, they said when they did that, we'll be retraining the staff. (Yeah, right.) He thought about leaving then, but didn't....stayed out of a sense of duty or loyalty (after all, they had paid to move us clear across the country...we can't not stay here!) Well, they didn't retrain him, and he's now been unemployed for 6 months. He is in a technical field, and there are no jobs here for him. We have friends, other former employees of this company, in the same predicament. Yes, we should have taken responsibility to make the move, but he "couldn't not stay here."

So, anyway, the phrase "can't not do it" has very negative associations for me. I still believe that anyone who is truly unhappy in their career or job should not stay in it out of a sense of duty.

Love and light to you both,
Susie Lee
Posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2002 - 6:00 am:   

Dear Phoenix.

There are several ways of exploring what's the best Path for one to embark, when any one is of a mind (and Spirit) to effect Change(es).

One way is to ask one's angels for assistance. Since your angels are energy-only sentient beings, they can be asked to bespeak the angels of other humans to help make the connections of employer-employee which is towards the Highest Good of each.

An Other way is to create a little ball of energy between your hands, and put into that Energy ball all your desires, clearly-thought-out greatest material needs (such as to attract yourself to the best job, occupation, or business for you and you to the best employer/employee,or best job/occupation/business) and set as much of your Intention, Will and Energy as you can into this Energy-ball, with instruction to Return to your self with the set-in desire(s) or otherwise to return back to yourself within "x"-amount-of-time, regardless, so that you KNOW when/if your own Energy HAS Returned to you without having attracted to it the matching Energy of the item(s)or folks you are looking for.

That's two ways, out of many, many, and many within the great universes' Sphere of ALL Possibilities.
Susie Lee
Posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2002 - 6:09 am:   

Addendum-note to creating an Intention Energy-ball:
Don't forget to Release the little energy-package after you've created it and set into it all you can clearly Focus on within the span of time of your own clearest, most strongly-thought-out conceptualizing. For some folks this takes just seconds, for others up to twenty minutes. Usually beyond about twenty minutes and the energy begins to 'fuzz" or dissipate with one's onset of INattention and confusion.
Create, concieve, RELEASE, and then forget about it until either it, or the results Return.

(howzzat! :)
Posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2002 - 7:13 pm:   

Hi, Susie Lee,

Yes, that would work. :) My preferred method is to write the desire on a piece of paper, spend some time in visualization, and then burn the paper, sending the desire into the universe. It's very important that, once the desire is released, that one not dwell on it...just let it go and let it materialize if the universal energies support it.

There is a caution, however (isn't there always?!). If a person is doing this on behalf of someone else, please get that other person's permission beforehand.

As for my sweetie, this wasn't entirely unexpected. His 10-year luck cycle (Four Pillar Chinese astrology) predicted strong competition, which is exactly what we are seeing. We are working on correcting the trend. :)

Posted on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 - 4:34 am:   

From your mouth to GOD'S ear...The universal forces will always carry what one's prays for to the *OMNIPOTENT*forces once they have been summoned.That's why it is so important to restrain "BAD-THOUGHTS",about someone or something.The boom-a-rang effect will come back trice on the sender,because you do not know what forces the "FORCE "will bring to heed your call.It's important to measure your words and harness your thoughts.Smile!PEACE LOLA
Susie Lee
Posted on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 - 9:50 am:   

Sending anything untoward against anyone is an old, OLD "No-No" from very ancient times (pre-mesopotamian). Whence comes the Wiccan "rule of three", from several thousands of years' passing-on.

What ye do comes back to Thee,
magnified in Three times Three.
Yet Goddess is Within thee, still!,
an' it Harm NONE, do what ye will!
Posted on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 - 6:39 pm:   

We're getting a bit off-topic...maybe this should be another thread... :)

I didn't mean sending just unfavorable energies, I mean Any energy! One should Always get the permission of the other person before one sends energy of any kind.

I had a friend once who, after I had told her of some then-recent disruptions in my life, admitted she had been "nudging" me in a particular spiritual direction. This was without my knowledge or consent. While that particuar spiritual path was a wonderful one for her (and probably many others), it was not, nor is it now, my path.

I feel this is extremely unethical behavior. (I have since learned to protect myself from this sort of thing.)

After I told her to stop, and that this was interfering with my work with the children, she justified it by saying it was okay because the Spirits told her she could! (The time of day she was sending happened to be in the middle of my work day!)

To give her the benefit of the doubt, she thought she was doing a good thing. However, no one can know All of the things going on with another person, and therefore cannot know if what they are sending will be well and beneficially received, or not, unless they first ask permission of the person they wish to send to.

The energies we work with are very powerful, and must be respected and worked with in an ethical manner. :)

Posted on Saturday, June 08, 2002 - 9:56 pm:   

Hello Phoenix~

You wrote: "...I visualize, burn the paper, sending the desire into the universe...let it go, and let it materialize IF the universal energies support it."
My question is around the "IF".
IF the universe supports your desire, than the result would've come without anything done on your part - that's my point.
Do you think it is good to push (force) your desire to manifest by any means?
Based on the "we always get what we need for our spiritual growth" theory, if you force - by any ritual, prayer, etc. - something to come to you, it might not be the best time for you to receive the object of your desire.
For example, you may by-pass some major growth process, which would have helped you in your life, including perhaps to get the object of your desire without a ritual. Through hardship, frustration, suffering, etc. one develops spiritually. (Not that we like any of those.)
And how can we know for sure that the desired object or job is the right thing for us to have?
The Higher Power always knows, -- for sure -- what we need for our spiritual growth, and provide it for us.
From simple to elaborated -- there are many methods to try to get our object of desire. That part is not hard at all, even with half good concentration we might get most things we want.
But to KNOW that it IS right for us at the time we're asking for it -- IS hard.

It is very tempting to do the ritual, or whatever, and thrilling when we get the desired object, -but is it beneficial for our spiritual growth -- which is the MAIN reason we're here?
Posted on Sunday, June 09, 2002 - 1:38 am:   

Hi, Ari,

I see the writing/burning process as more of a stating of one's desires rather than pushing or forcing a manifestation of the desire. It isn't any more or less potent than visualization or prayer. These are just different ways of sending one's desires into the universe.

Too easily it could turn into a circular argument that the universe gives you what you need; therefore there is no need to plan, to focus, to set goals, for these also are a statement of desire. One should just sit around and see what comes...for what is sent to you is what the universe has determined you need?

Do we always know what is right for us at the time we ask? Nope. :) However, the alternative is to not ask anything at all for fear of upsetting the universe's plan for us. I believe that one should ask, but if the specific desire doesn't manifest, one should remain open to the possibilites which Do arise.

For example: When I was job hunting those years ago, I absolutely, positively, without a doubt wanted the job that was open at the public library. I Love books and libraries!! I would have Loved that job! I knew all the people who worked there from having visited so often; we would have worked well together. So, there, I stated my desire, burned my paper, and - pffftttt - didn't get the job! At the time, I was crushed and didn't know where else to look for work.

Less than a month later, I did get the job working with the children. At the time, I wasn't even sure that's what I was suggested by several friends who knew of the opening...they thought I would be good at it. I didn't even know the job existed before that, so how could I have desired it? Within a month after starting, I Loved it, and had a dream which assured me that I Really was in the place I Belonged!

Also, I think that there is the possibility that not every job is meant to be spiritually fulfilling. It would be nice if it were, but I think that sometimes it isn't, so there are other provisions (like spiritual groups) for people to pursue spiritual growth outside the career or job. I have friends whose jobs are so-so, not great but not bad either. However, they find spiritual fulfillment in other ways, through groups they belong to, or through volunteer work. I would hesitate to so completely connect one's spiritual growth or opportunities to one's career when there are many avenues one can walk toward spirituality.

I would venture a guess that most people who are stuck in jobs they hate aren't advancing spiritually in any case...they are often stuck in a rut where the mind, instead of being free to connect with the universe, is caged in doubt, anger, worry, and/or fear. I have the feeling that the lesson there is to Break Free of the rut...only then can one look back and see the cage for what it was; the lesson (the growth process) may be learning How To find the inner strength to break free rather than staying where you are and being miserable because that's where the universe put you and there must be a lesson in there somewhere.

Hardship, suffering, and frustration are, I think, things which cause people to seek spiritual paths, but I also think that these are not the Only ways that people develop spiritually. It's through devotion, prayer, and meditation, too, whether one has suffered or not. In some areas of the world, children were sent to monasterries to lead a religious life that, to us, would seem quite austere, but it may well have been actually better for them than staying at home to live and work on a small, poor farm.

Posted on Sunday, June 09, 2002 - 12:39 pm:   

Two very good points to study.In the end,"GOD KNOWS BEST"...kt

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