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Disappointment As Life Tutor

None of us can be free of conflict and woe. Even the greatest men have had to accept disappointments as their daily bread.

Bernard M. Baruch

Disappointment visits every human being who has ever lived, not once but many times. I certainly know I have had more than my share of shattered dreams. I know you have had your own disappointments, and the occasional tragedy too.

Most people only reel at the blow, perhaps collapse, lie there a while, and then gradually pick themselves up and go about life, perhaps with a newly acquired psychological limp or scar. In other words, they learn nothing from what happened and are potentially set for future disappointments too.

A better approach is surely to always try to learn something from our disappointments and setbacks. That way, you use life as a tutor. Often, the lesson is extremely hard, and seemingly unbearable. Maybe the disappointment and suffering persists for a while and take time to get over. However, if you are always willing to learn from your setbacks, then you have the potential of not having to go through that particular lesson again.

Often, disappointment serves to show us that we are not on the right road to begin with. We may be heartbroken at that moment, but time eventually reveals a better path; a road we might never have trodden if we had not been stopped so brutally in our path in the first place. People are disappointed in love; perhaps they find another. They are disappointed in career; maybe they find a better opportunity in another firm, or even decide to start their own business.

The point is that disappointment can serve as a catalyst to something better. It can be the driving force to excel to a new height in your life. It can be a message from your higher self to you that you need to change direction or focus.

Disappointment is only deadly and toxic to the extent that you dwell upon it, let it feed on your emotions, wallow in it, and basically become a disappointed person as who you are.

So let life be your tutor. Allow every setback to be your guide. May every disappointment that comes not be wallowed in, but rather used as a pointer to something bigger and better.

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