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Chasing Birds & Beheading Hydra

Chairman Mao once called upon the people to wage a war against the sparrows that were attacking the crops and generally setting back the Party’s cause in the countryside. Doubtless believing that the sparrows were motivated and inspired by Western Capitalist corruption, he declared that the entire Chinese nation should unite to deal the enemy a crippling blow.

On a certain appointed day, every one of the billions of people across China took pots, pans and anything else that would make a racket and beat them loudly to scare all the birds and keep them in the air. Every time they tried to settle in a tree, the people would beat their kettles and pans all the more loudly. Eventually, many of the birds dropped from the sky from sheer exhaustion and died.

Nevertheless, the strategy does not seem to have worked that well. A short while later, there seemed to be just as many birds as before.

If this story strikes you as improbable or absurd (and it is), then you should consider how much more improbable, absurd and downright dumb it is to wage a “war on terrorism”. What are the proponents of this nonsense seriously thinking? Do they really believe that they can engage in a once and for all military action, after which there will be no more terrorism on earth, ever?! Or do they believe that this is an ongoing war, i.e. our lives will be conducted on a “war” footing forever?

Who is this “war” against? It seems that the definition of “terrorist” that the West is warring against includes (a) being a Moslem and (b) posing a potential or future threat to America. Whilst America pats itself on the back for having taken out Saddam Hussein (whom it is now clear never sponsored terrorism against the US, did not have the specified weapons, and loathed Islamic fundamentalist extremists every bit as much as the US does), other regimes remain untouched. Nothing is being done about Burma. The US is making friends with China, even though genocide was committed by the Chinese in Tibet. And if the Basque Separatists bomb a few people, we don’t see US aircraft carriers floating around Spain’s coastal waters. And so on….

Do Western powers really believe that if they kill off the present insurgents and terrorists, that will be the end of the problem “forever”? Have they never heard about the mythical monster called the Hydra? You cut off one head, and ten new heads grow in its place. Cutting off heads does you no good. Only by resolving the issues that created the monster in the first place can you ever hope to lay it to rest.

However, that sort of solution is far more complex, and takes more time. The voting people prefer simpler solutions. Don’t trouble them with complexities or difficult arguments, let alone “reality”. We want our solutions in sound bites. We want to elect our national leaders by putting them on a 90 minute quiz show, and giving them 2-3 minutes to answer questions about the toughest and most intransigent problems in the world today.

The electorate prefer “strong leaders” and “tough action”. They never want to be seen as being “soft” or “liberal”. This is why the electorate is collectively an idiot, the masses are almost always wrong about EVERYTHING, and so-called “democracy” is in such a massive crisis.

Many prefer to chase birds if someone “strong” and “decisive” tells them to. They want the world in black and white, and not in complex shades of gray. And they want to be lied to and manipulated, as long as it is done in a strong and decisive fashion, which is why they give carte blanche to our so-called leaders to do just that.

Anyway, for anyone who has eyes to see, it’s clear that just because your all powerful State tells you to bang kettles and pots to battle the birds doesn’t mean it makes sense to do so. And just because your loving, caring government assures you that your taxes are well spent spitting straight into the wind, also known as the “war on terrorism”, doesn’t mean THAT makes any damn sense either!

But if you disagree, and you like that kind of thing…

Check your toilet bowl, and inside your TV set. After all, there might be a terrorist lurking there, waiting to get you! Oh yes… By the way…

Happy bird chasing!

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  1. Well, I am not often left speachless, but this time I am. There is not one thing I can possibly add to that… because you have said it all! Hats off to you! Maybe YOU should run for president! I’d sure as hell vote for you!

    Keep ’em coming…

    Erin McRaven (Raven Wolf)

  2. Being a latin american person that has lived among the Basque Separatists for 30 years now, I can assure you that the Hydra story is alive in Euskadi with the Basque separatist terrorists.You kill one or imprison one,more appear, you arrest one, more appear (as forest mushrooms after a rainy shower….)
    Please note that basque separatists and basque separatist terrorists are DIFFERENT. The insanity of the past right winged Spanish Governments’ position of not negotiatiating with the terrorists has prevented steps towards pacification, although a majority of the basque population is pro-talks. To keep on doing the same things and to expect different results is a sign of insanity and unfortunately, this is exactly what we have : the Spanish Government wants to keep on fighting terrorism in a “war” conducted by the Police and the Media. Unfortunately also, the good basque people, separatist or pro-spanish who labor daily to make their land a beautiful place to live in have no defendants…. As for the Spanish Goverment, “Do they really believe that they can engage in a once and for all military action, after which there will be no more terrorism on Spain, ever?!” “Or do they believe that this is an ongoing war, i.e. our lives will be conducted on a “war” footing forever? ” I fully agree with you that “Only by resolving the issues that created the monster in the first place can you ever hope to lay it to rest.”

    But this that sounds as common sense is uncommon and politically incorrect thinking. God help us!

  3. Well I must say the undertones to the article are quite evident and is based on the presumption that what is in the media is what Americans subscribe to. As far as a self actualizing people is concerned it is all rather nonsense. People’s affilition and cause is a self fulfilling prophecy. Choosing sides is not the Way to enlightenment. Describing how one might create ideas that lead to Utopia would probably be more challenging and more useful then stating obvious problems. No system is perfect but some certainly infringe on the God given rights of all men more than others.

  4. To Asoka Selvarajah,

    I wish to tell you, that I am happy.Why?Because in my beautiful and hospitable country, Romania, there is no terrorism.So,I pray to My LORD every day to save my country and the whole planet Earth ! You are right concerning Hydra story,but when someone gives love,harmony and peace,the response is the same:love,harmony and pece.Yours sincerely,D.C. Popa

  5. Ronald Handfield

    It is a strange matter that the human race does not rely on history. Yes, getting at the root of the problem is more complex but the quick fix approach deals only with the end result and not the cause. I am surprised at times that adults react the way they do.
    Power is all consuming and will lead us to destruction.

  6. This world is about experience and evolving, when one can see the world from a different perspective one realizing that we all play the game from ego not true self. From true self one see that all is perfect, always allowing each to experience what they need to in order to evolve to their true self. Even though things make know since to our limited understanding we can only make judgments from our own ego. Yes the people on this planet make very immature choices, maybe if one person than two and so on ect. started being allowing and flowing in a more positive state we can change the world that we see as destrutive and of the ego.It just takes seeing from a different perspective.If one could understand that it is the ego that makes the judgment from its beliefs, limited knowingness etc. If one could just realize that all of this is as real as one choose it to be.

  7. I have experienced war and terrorism and saw innocent people get killed. The reasons for war, any war, are simply pretexts to fuel hunger for power. The cause(s), after a while, get forgotten. We don’t know why we are at war anymore. Whether it is for religion, territory or money, the real source is simply for not accepting the differences; differences in races, religions, customs etc. As humans, we want what our neighbours have, even if it means to kill them. We are afraid of what we don’t understand or cannot categorise into some scientific explanation. We try to eradicate terrorism but we will not succeed by chopping heads as they will grow back stronger. We need to bring more people into the Light by demonstrating that power is not in our possessions, our aggression or our beliefs but in the absolute knowledge that the Source is within ourselves. Everything we need is available to us, to every one of us. I pray for all to realise that the path to enlightenment is within. God bless us all.

  8. Everything you said I agree with. BUT shouldn’t we see a bigger picture ? Something had to be done about Sadam (and his evil family and hangers-on) It always seems that when people such as yourself criticise a specific action such as that taken by America, you never mention that it STILL had a good outcome. It freed a people. (I’m Australian by the way) It doesn’t matter about the terrorism angle; you are right; it is like the “scaring sparrows”. But does that mean we just let these evil scumbags make the lives of millions of people a nightmare and ruin another part of our precious planet? How many other places are there that people are living in hell on earth or that, because of the poverty rort by these evil human beings the peoples are destroying the very fabric of our world in order to survive. e.g. South America re the Amazon, parts of Africa re biodiversity.
    I consider myself a humanitarian but I also have some specific criteria that I consider to categorise certain individuals to determine their humanity and therefore to be worthy of my empathy and understanding relating to their actions. Sadam and his cronies failed my test; as do other individuals that continue to cause havoc throughout the world. Even in the “safe” countries. I guess that means I am not a pacifist because I want something done about them and if it involves violence…so be it. I care too much for the suffering peoples of my planet and for the surrering of my planet to bury my head in the “calm” comfort of living in a lucky country.

  9. While you are right on with your Hydra comparison I dont agree with your assesment on the war. What would you have us do after 9/11? I am not a war monger but when I wittnesed that on 9/11 I couldnt see any other reasonable way to thwart the terrorist then by attacking them. It is unfortunate that we were attacked, and not just once mind you, by this group of people and that we were forced into this predicament but if one is to believe in the force of God then wouldnt it follow logic that this is the way it should be at this time in our earthly existence. When it is time to change course then it will be. To my understanding, the terrorist who happen to be muslims following a radical branch of Islam want to kill us all because we are infidels. We do not practice their version of Islam so therefore we should die. With extreme thinking such as that its no matter we have what we have now. This is all part of God’s plan whether we like it or not and supposedly its for our greater good.

  10. Hello Asoka,
    No, I’m not chasing birds, as the matter of fact I’m observing the chase – witnessing the illusion. Terrorists is a word that I was brought up with although never had nothing to do with the experience. I live in Canada, neighbor to the US – the teenagers of the earth. They claim to fight terrorism; obviously they know nothing about cause and effect. Saddam and others cannot exist in the eyes of America – for some reason. Who are the real terrorists?… is probably the question to be asked. The world – society – is blind, controlled, living in the matrix and the funniest thing of all; they think they are free – experiencing the freedom of democracy, think again! I can’t even renovate my so called paid for house without asking and paying for a permit. We are living an illusion, although not news to most, the majority lives it daily. Vikings, Egyptians, Romans, Atlantis, Hitler, Napoleon, and, and, all came tumbling down, if I was to say something to my American friends I would say; forget about terrorists and begin to heal yourselves, illnesses, insecurities, crime, uncertainty, debt, pollution, will destroy you far faster than terrorists would ever do.
    Terrorists are pimples in our body skin and pimples are reactions to something we have introduced in our body – system…
    We’re in 2005, #7 in numerology, the 7 of the 7 of (2005) 7 – 7 7 7 – (July 7th 2005) is considered Equinox the last time the three 7s came together was in July 1996, next time will be in 2014.
    Happy trails to you my fellow travelers.
    Love you all.

  11. I love the analogy of chasing birds and the Hydra. It is a complex issue and my opinion would take far more room than I feel you would want to read.

    I often have to stop and question myself: Is waging war really the answer or is it a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction? Instead, why don’t we wage Peace? Can you imagine it? 🙂 I can!

  12. Asoka, I love it when you get political, your anger is like a refreshing shower of rain.I couldn’t agree more with what you say, and I love your metaphors. Keep up the good work!

  13. Great article, and I couldn’t agree more with it. The only thing I see missing from it, is the reason that the US is fighting the war in Iraq.

    This war is not about dictators and WMDs. It’s not about terrorists, democracy, or freeing the Iraqi people.

    It is a resource war. Plain and simple. Afghanistan and Iraq were the first to fall. Iran will be next, followed by Saudi Arabia, parts of Africa, and most likely Venuzuala.

    What do all these areas have in common? They all sit on and produce large amounts of the worlds oil. It’s not a secret. We are past the point of cheap oil and things will begin a downward slide from here on in. The US is the worlds largest consumer of oil and it needs large amounts to sustain it’s economy. The US feels the need to place itself in control of these resources and will do anything to protect it’s economy and way of life, including creating reasons and scapegoats like Saddam and Osama to justify their invasions.

    Some of you may call me crazy, but what will you think of me when the US invades Iran under the guise of self-defence. It won’t seem so crazy.

    9/11 was the New Pearl Harbor. It was the excuse the US needed to tighten it’s hold on the people and the world. I have always wondered why, until I began to read what drastic condition the world energy supply is in. That is the real reason people. Watch and learn.

  14. The problems we have today are the result of generations of people who do not have the ability to think for themselves. These are the voters you speak of. We have been “trained” to put our trust in government and religion. As long as we put our trust into these institutions, we are absolved of any responsibility. Both institutions were invented to control society and they have been quite successful. Until the world community individually starts to actually think and reason as they are capable we will never get out of this mess. The Golden Rule translates into all major religions. Why, because it makes sense, no other reason. Unfortunately, they are both here to stay and the sheep will follow them over the cliff.

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