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A Wonderful Animal Website

One of my Aspire To Wisdom subscribers, Juli Purcelle, sent me information about this website, and I knew it would interest you too. http://www.journeysendsanctuary.org I thought I would just copy what Juli said in the email she sent to me… “Above is the link to the new web site for …

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On Getting Ideas

Article by Estelle H. Rie It is the people with ideas who win most of the desirable places in the world. The person who can create something new and different is wanted – and rarely by the police! He is in demand for his ability to develop ideas. Those who …

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Gratitude – A Thought To Cheer You Up!

In these slightly troubling times, I just wanted to share a thought. it may be one you’ve heard before but it does not hurt to repeat it. Gratitude. I try to be grateful for whatever I can be grateful about. Who I am, what I have, the good things around …

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Feng Shui

You Can LISTEN To This As A Feng Shui Podcast As some of you may know, it’s the Chinese New Year coming up, and it’s the year of the Fire Pig. Now, this might have been purely incidental information for me if it was not for the fact that I …

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An Amazing Story….

An amazing thing happened the other day… As the preamble to this, I think I should mention that I am VERY protective of my two cats, Hermes and Shelley. Anyone who knows me probably thinks I go to absurd lengths. However, they are basically my sons, and I’m not ashamed …

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