Hurricane Katrina’s Animals

Whilst it is heartening to see that the people of New Orleans
have been finally helped, it is saddening to see how their pets
have been abandoned to death by starvation and disease.

In many (if not most) cases, people have been forced to leave
their pets because the latter were not included by the authorities in the evacuation procedures. Whilst this may sound pragmatic and practical, given the limited resources available, it has nevertheless created terrible dilemmas for people who regard their animals like their own children. A large number of people simply refused to leave on pain of death. I think I would feel that way too.

Anyway, there is a great tragedy unfolding here in the form of
large numbers of cats, dogs and other abandoned animals (even horses!) literally starving slowly to death, due to being abandoned.

Time is short. But this sad situation is coming more into the
public light. And a petition is underway to persuade those in
power to do something about these poor suffering creatures.

You can help. Please head over, right now, to:

Hurricane Katrina: The Animals Petition

and add your voice and weight to this outcry for compassion and
kindness. If you care about animals – living beings in general –
I know you will do so. Thank you.

As ever, I welcome your feedback and thoughts on the blog (see
below for link).


  1. Thank you Asoka for providing those email addresses and urgent messages, I have sent them, and others to other medias as well. I am so sickened by those abandoned animals, I just want to hold and love them all, I pray for them thoughout my waking day. Bless you, Joelle

  2. Hello,

    If you wish to contribute to a trustworthy charity for animals in the disaster area, the Humane Society Of USA is a good one:

    Humane Society Of USA


  3. Thank you, Asoka, for providing the phone nos. and emails, to get help for the animals. My emails have been sent, and I’ll tell everyone I know to do the same. My heart and prayers go out to those poor defenseless beings. I wish the government would take into consideration that, like humans, animals are just as deserving of food, shelter and love.
    Thank you, again. Bev.

  4. Wendy says:

    Asoka, I received your email request for help for Katrina’s animals and I wanted you to know that the link published in the email does not work, as it is missing the underscore between “katrina” and “governmentresponse”. You may wish to let your subscribers know.

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