Announcing: New Mystic Visions Bookstore!…

If you are interested in personal growth, self help, New Age spirituality, and related topics, the Mystic Visions bookshop is an essential resource. You can find it at:

There are 5 reasons why it is so valuable:

(1) It contains the main keywords about esoteric spirituality and personal growth you’re likely to use. That means you have at your fingertips a list of the major topics you can quickly and easily research to find out relevant books in that category.

(2) I’ve included not only main subject areas, but also a separate section for key teachers and writers. You’re bound todiscover lots of wonderful subjects and teachers you may never have heard about. Just browsing the bookstore is an education initself!

(3) Bookmark the book store page and visit it often. Why? The pages are dynamic and update with the very latest information, i.e. when the latest book on your favorite subject comes available, you’ll see it right there in the bookstore.

(4) You save loads of wasted time trying to research these areas for yourself. It can be a major pain trying to find that specific subject category or author etc. Here, I’ve tested each keyword listed (and rejected many that don’t work) in order to ensure that you get only the most relevant results.

(5) I aim to make this a valuable resource you’ll want to revisit often. Hence, if YOU, don’t see a specific category you that interests you, please email me and I’ll certainly consider it for inclusion. That way, this gets to be a really valuable and growing resource for everyone!

So, without further ado, head on over and take a look for yourself.


Asoka Selvarajah

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