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A Wonderful Animal Website

One of my Aspire To Wisdom subscribers, Juli Purcelle, sent me information about this website, and I knew it would interest you too.


I thought I would just copy what Juli said in the email she sent to me…

“Above is the link to the new web site for my friend Florence’s Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary. This is a sanctuary for special needs animals (disabled, abused, old) that began 30 years ago. Beautiful Florence is 78 years old and still going strong running the place… which, trust me, is truly a wonderful no-kill, no-cage sanctuary.

So please go and have a look, and please pass it on to friends who love animals, too…. we need to get the web site “out there” to as many as possible to help get it off the ground. This is a donations-only operation, and having this new web site will hopefully be a big help.

If you feel compelled to donate, every little bit helps, and it’s now as easy as clicking a button at the site. In any event, just enjoy going to see it, and be sure to check back to see the great additional new content that’s coming!”

I took a look at this site and was very impressed with both the work and the sincere love being expressed there towards needy animals.

Do take a look, even just to express your support, and think of two or three friends of yours who you can pass this information onto, for them to visit too. Thank you.

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