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Yes! You really can make explosive in ALL areas of your personal development - physical, financial, mental & spiritual.

My name is Asoka Selvarajah, the author of Aspire To Wisdom ezine. To put it mildly, this ezine has caused explosive spiritual and material growth in the lives of its avid readers, right from the very first issue.

There's a ton of personal growth resources out there already. So what makes Aspire To Wisdom unique? Simply this...

If you yearn to enjoy happiness, joy and true inner peace in your life... if you burn to succeed in your finances, relationships, career, and personal growth,... if you struggle to grow spiritually, and awaken to a higher consciousness than you now experience,...if you ache to finally shatter the shackles that chain you down, and break free to live your dream at last...

That's Aspire To Wisdom!

In short, Aspire To Wisdom is a unique cocktail of self help, personal development, AND esoteric spiritual growth techniques.

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur, author and success coach, Leslie Fieger, has this to say:

I have read hundreds of books on personal empowerment and have written a few myself. I subscribe to many personal development/self improvement eZines. What and how Asoka Selvarajah writes is the best of the best. When his eZine arrives in my inbox, it is the very first email I read that day. His insights add immense value to my life and they will to yours as well.

Leslie Fieger, , USA

So why not give it a try and see for yourself? Just enter your details in the box provided, and I'll send you TWO FREE ebooks (value $24.97), just for giving Aspire To Wisdom a try.

STOP and ask yourself... Are you ready for success? I'm sure you definitely are...

Here are just a few comments about Aspire To Wisdom ezine:

"Your ezine is one of the very few that enhances my life"...

"I just to say thanks for such a fantastic ezine.  I have been subscribed  for over a year now. When I first subscribed, I was wondering whether this would be another newsletter that just contained a selling pitch or promoted products, but far from it.

I look forward to each and every issue that comes out, your perspective and thoughts on topics motivates me and provides me with "food for thought". Your ezine is one of the very few that enhances my life.  I know that I can stop my daily work or worry for 5 minutes and read an article from you that lifts my thinking to a higher level and put my life into perspective."

 Ashton Eibeck, Yeppoon, Australia


"I love sharing your articles with friends, clients and associates..."

Your newsletter has become a powerful tool in my personal growth  toolbox. You always have information that is pertinent and edgy without  being over the top. I find that I can use your  wisdom in my personal life and my business life.  

Aspire To Wisdom is short and to the point.  I don't need to sit at my computer  reading for two hours to get to what is the point of the week's article.  In my busy life, that is all important. And because of the length, I love sharing your articles with friends, clients and associates. Thank you for being an inspiring part of my life!!
Joy Perlow, Holistic Health Counselor, Mt. Kisco, NY, USA


"Aspire To Wisdom... goes beyond religions and teaches fundamental practical growth knowledge most people can understand and use. This spiritual teaching is really helpful."

"My favorite philosophy is "Know Thyself" and your ezine Aspire To Wisdom is a good tool for  not only knowing myself but also improving my life.

I really appreciate your spiritual teaching  through Aspire To Wisdom, because  it goes beyond religions and teaches fundamental  practical human growth knowledge most people can understand and use. This spiritual teaching is really helpful.

Through the Ezine, I joined your Prayer Group and found out that praying for others is a good way for personal spiritual growth." 

Widi Tchala Ph.D., Lome,  Togo


"Aspire To Wisdom  challenges me to consider looking at things in different ways, and that's how our relationship with the world can be much more exciting..."

"I've been a subscriber of your fine ezine, Aspire to Wisdom, since June 2002, so in the spirit of gratefulness, I just wanted to take a few minutes to say a BIG thank you. The main thing  I like about ATW is that it often challenges me to consider looking at things in different ways, and that's how our relationship with the world, can be much more exciting than perhaps we ever thought possible. By exploring such different perspectives, I feel that I can make better daily decisions, especially in my business life. Thanks again."

Brian Austin, Isle of Skye, Scotland


"Aspire To Wisdom has stood the test of time..."

"I have been receiving Aspire To Wisdom ezine since early 2004 and I am very impressed with it.  Asoka addresses many issues, some of them controversial, and is not afraid to say what he thinks.

I have a tendency to sign up for many newsletters, most of which "bite the dust" after one or two editions because they are either too trivial, too cluttered with links or full of blatant advertising (and very little else).  But Aspire To Wisdom is none of those things, it has stood the test of time.  

It provides me with the mental stimulation I need and has helped me to define aspects of spirituality that I was confused about.  Asoka's articles are well written and delve into topics in detail yet are concise enough to easily read in one sitting. Several of them I have forwarded to friends who have likewise enjoyed and benefited from them.  I would thoroughly recommend the ATW ezine to anyone...  Thank you Asoka for such an inspiring and enjoyable ezine!"

Pat Campbell, Cardiff , Australia


"No matter what we may think we know, we need a mentor, a coach, a guide to gently and lovingly bring us back to where we belong..."

"I look forward to my Aspire to Wisdom and this website as a "peace" break in a busy life in a busy world. Each time a new e-mail comes, I feel as though it was meant for me, so timely is this age-old wisdom.

I love having the opportunity to be reminded of what is truly important in life, because no matter what we may think we know, we need a mentor, a coach, a guide to gently and lovingly bring us back to where we peace and love.

This e-zine and your website connects the world in a very real and loving way.  Never stop the good work! You are doing wonderful work and others should know."

Ava Jean Lunn, B.G.S. (Psych), Calgary, Alberta


"Sometimes, it feels to me that you had me in his heart when you're writing because when I read what you send, it touches me from the inside..."

"I came across your writing while searching to heal my soul and find my centre so that I can begin to live my life again.  What I was looking for was mainly to understand my feelings and thoughts of how best to live my life where I can feel comfortable, safe, and loved again.  I am trying to love myself first which is very difficult to do. I am also trying to stop feeling fear of doing something in case I do not succeed and end up being a failure. 

Sometimes, it feels to me that you had me in his heart when you're writing because when I read what you send, it touches me from the inside; sometimes making me feel vulnerable, and sometimes reinforcing my thoughts and feelings. 

I thank you from the very depth of my heart, for you do contribute to my life."

Usha Pole, Northamptonshire, UK


"Your ezine is as important as the food I eat..."

"...because it feeds my spirit, it cleans my mind, and it serves as fuel to continue motivated to face this rough world we all live in. Thanks for it, Asoka."

Hector Santana, Puerto Rico


"It has helped me to unravel some of the great spiritual mysteries of life and I have gained a more peaceful, patient, calm attitude as a result..."

"The Aspire to Wisdom Ezine has been very beneficial to my life. Each time I read them I usually have to re-read them two or three times because of all the wonderful jewels of wisdom that are contained in them.  I get a lot of good "soul searching" questions that I ponder on for days even weeks at times.  It has helped me to unravel some of the great spiritual mysteries of life and I have gained a more peaceful, patient, calm attitude as a result of some of the deep life changing issues it brings up.
Thank You very much, Asoka, for all the work that you do. " 
Chris Dudding Richmond, VA


"Often, the content of the ezine relates directly to some conflict I am currently experiencing"

I have been receiving the Aspire To Wisdom ezine for over two years and  have not once been disappointed with any of the letters. Often, the content of the ezine relates directly to some conflict I am currently experiencing, either personally or with someone I have a relationship with.  I have  experienced vast personal growth as a result of reading this letter and  implementing any suggestions made.

Christy Lauer, Pocatello, Idaho, USA


"Aspire to Wisdom ezine has been a great help, both personally and in my business...."

"I have used a lot of the material in our Team Meetings for our business where we cover quite a bit of personal development as we believe our success and that of our team is dependent on each person's ability to grow and evolve personally and spiritually. This has been enormously helpful for our team members. It also helps us to see just where they are at spiritually and emotionally. Thank you Asoka."

Christine Gabriel, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia


"One year ago my husband died..."

"One year ago my husband died. At that time I was looking for spirit and how to contact spirit. I was so new to it all. I did not know how to meditate.  I asked for something to show me how; something that had steps to do all of this I was seeking.

Two days later, I signed up for the Aspire To Wisdom  newsletter. I am very grateful to Asoka Selvarajah for all his inspiration and writings. I'm so grateful that Asoka got me started on a very important path, which continues to grow with the information he shares with his readers in Aspire To Wisdom.

I will never forget my growth and how I have gotten where I am. Asoka, thank you with all my heart."

Phyllis Luchetti, Yuma, Arizona


"I'm just sorry that I didn't know about you years ago. .."

"I just wanted to thank you for all of the life changing information that you provide in your ezine!  I am more spiritually attuned to my surroundings because of your insights and information. I am a massage therapist, and your ezine articles have helped me to become more "in tune" with my clients and their needs.  You've helped me to tap into a spiritual side of myself through your articles.  I've found all of your work to be beneficial in my life, and I'm just sorry that I didn't know about you years ago. 

I trust in your knowledge and kindness. I always look forward to your ezines.  It's like opening a Christmas present, and the gift just keeps on giving!!  Thank-you!"

Michelle Spencer, Bountiful, Utah, USA


"... your ezine "blows my doors off" every time I read it. It puts the truth right "in your face"..."  

Dr. Selvarajah  -  What strikes me as most valuable in your articles is your capacity for weaving many Wisdom teachings and traditions together in a cogent whole.  I REALLY LOVE that masters and sages throughout recorded history are featured together.  
To put it plainly, your ezine "blows my doors off" every time I read it. It puts the truth right "in your face"; all humanity & all sentient beings are in a state of connection!  
Gini Diane Collinson LCSW, Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA


"When I... subscribed to your ezine, I was a broken woman. My entire world had fallen apart...  Aspire To Wisdom gave me hope..."

When I joined your site and subscribed to your ezine I was a broken woman. My entire world had fallen apart as my son was fighting for his health on a regular basis due to illness. People were dying all around me, and what I thought was the love of my life and my support simply walked away and gave no reason  I did not know where to turn. 

Aspire To Wisdom gave me hope and was able to answer a lot of questions I had and I made new and caring friends. I have always followed a spiritual path and sought to learn and it was good for me to interact with like minded people.

The Aspire To Wisdom ezine was a great help also in many ways. The quote section always seemed to relate to something I needed to meditate on and brought me new insight into, not only the people and world around me, but also to myself.

I found that many of the articles led me to think differently, react differently and see with new eyes and to take more notice of what is around me and how it is useful to my growth on this path. It gave me hope, inspiration and let me know that I should be grateful for all the blessings I receive even in times of great stress.

I found that I was important, I did matter but more importantly it helped me look at what others needed and think of others first and help where I could, thus taking the focus off myself.

Aspire To Wisdom helped me spiritually and emotionally and gave me new insight into the whys of this world. It has always been good to see what lessons I may learn from it as it covers a lot of knowledge in many subjects. Very thought provoking and inspiring!

Love and light,

Karen Murphy



"Dr. Selvarajah's visions, expressed in his writings, have immensely contributed to my ever-growing understanding of the spiritual.  Even those who are not in the spiritual path will find that he only speaks of the truth. His insights are a much-needed antidote in this millennium of enlightenment and awakening".

                                       Sereynita Altarejos, Boston MA

"This is an awesome zine!!  Thanks so much for all the great info. I will check into the back issues.....  You're doing a great job....... I'm very happy I found your website. You have inspired me! "

                                   Sally Roach, Seattle, Washington


Asoka  Selvarajah I am a real believer in the philosophy, " you are only as good as  the people you surround yourself with and the people you take advice from" and  "what you consistently think about is who you become"  Your Aspire To Wisdom ezine definitely has great material, that I share with my successful business partners. You very well define consistently the truth's in  developing the best life possible.
Joe Garcia, Oakville, Ontario, Canada


Hello! When I first joined Aspire To Widsom, I had a lot of personal problems (lost my job, divorce, etc.) and you helped me a lot with your messages and gave me opportunities to read things that I wouldn´t have found without you.

Daniel Wolff, Asuncion, Paraguay


I've always looked forward to your Aspire to Wisdom ezine since I first subscribed to it sometime ago. I have found the very uplifting articles in this ezine have been one of the main motivators for the positive change in the way I see my life now, both spiritually & physically.

I'm sure that anyone who subscribes to your Aspire to Wisdom ezine will definitely gain from the wealth of knowledge & wisdom found there just as much as I did. I would like to thank you for  helping me realize the authentic meaning to life instead of the counterfeit meaning of life.

Pushpa Rajan, Singapore


Thank you very much for your ezine. It help us a lot. By practicing your positive and spiritual suggestion, our sales volume is dramatically growing up. From now on, our company captures at least 30~35% market-share of surveillance camera products in Vietnam market.

Thank you very much indeed.

Vanson, Sales Director


Your ezine has really helped me emotionally.  I've known to accept this as they come and think positively.  I started receiving it when I lost my 21year old son on 12 June 2001, and I thought my world had crashed,  I've been reading your ezine about how to move on in life despite circumstances or whatever happens, how to soldier on.  i have become a stronger person emotionally.

Rachael Sichona

I like it very much because it gives me a break during my daily hustle and bustle. The spirituals insights are a real reminder to me: sometimes it gives me insights to real situations in my life, sometimes it pushes me through dip moments. I'm also very glad with the original point of view Asoka shows and mirrors. Very refreshing.

Freddy Haeck,  Aalter, Belgium


I have been a subscriber of your Aspire To Wisdom ezine for the past one year. It is one of the ezines that I look forward to for my spiritual and emotional upliftment. It has improved my  morale and my entire outlook of my life. Thank you very much Asoka Selvarajah for contributing to my life and so well for the benefit of society at large.  

Seetharaman Subramaniam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


I have received your ezine for years now and I really enjoy it. So, thank you for what you are offering as service to all. Your ezine has given me powerful support on the way. Pointing out things that want to be looked at and giving great hints on how to change my perception. It's all a matter on how we look at life. Thanks for the hints and support on your magazine on the way.

Misra Elkner, Vienna, Austria


I have been receiving Aspire to Wisdom for almost 3 years and I find it the most inspiring ezine available. Each month there is something new to meditate on to help me to become a more positive and loving person. Please, never stop writing Aspire to Wisdom as I am addicted to it. Thank you for making a world a better place.

Kay Lindblom, Hawker, Australia.


I always get curious when I see your ezine. It gives me the reminder
that I need to stay on my track.  Your recommendations and articles, I LOVE. Hands on and sincere.

Helena B af Winklerfelt, Sweden


I have found the ezine Aspire To Wisdom of Dr. Asoka Selvarajah extremely inspiring in all aspects relating to body-mind-soul. In all his messages there is a strong beneficial spiritual message. He is doing yeoman service to the public and I wish him greater and greater achievements.

N. ShanmugasundaramCoimbatore, India

I have been with Aspire To Wisdom for quite some time, and always look forward to the ezine in my mailbox. My quest for spirituality has covered many topics, religions, concepts, and ideas and the wisdom and clarity that I receive from Asoka's articles has helped me many times to see the issues in an entirely new light. I have truly been helped along the path by his words.

Marilyn McIntyre, Dundas, Ontario, Canada


I look forward to reading your Aspire to Wisdom ezine each week. Aspire To Wisdom has enhanced my life deeply and has made me realize that there is a spiritual force guiding me toward my journey home. The helpful hints and stories have helped me trust my higher self when making decisions. It's great to know that there are people like you willing to help others.

Thank you for caring so much and for all you have done for our world.

Ruth Auriemma, Verona, New Jersey


My subscription to Aspire to Wisdom goes right back to its origin. With Asoka's soul stirring text revealing truth and wisdom to the presently  hidden nature of reality, I could see that my ignorances could be removed. Aspire to Wisdom, has provided me with a never ending supply of answers and ideas to achieve oneness and unity with the creative order. Aspire To Wisdom always provides me with beneficial spiritual guidance and removes me from my ''modes of ignorance''.

Steven Eric Greenway, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


I am very glad to be able to tell anyone who is interested in the ezine that it is the best advice I have ever gotten. I have some days when I am down, and with the help of the ezine, I am thinking more positive, and feeling the same. It is a very important addition to my life. It really has helped me make a lot of positive decisions. And to move on with my life, which had been stale and unproductive.

Mary Afemui, South Dakota, USA


I just think that, although I am subscribed to Aspire To Wisdom for little time (less than 2 years), this has helped me a lot. I read all the articles and they are fantastic, objective and exactly what we need in our lives. From the time I started with ATW, I saw positive changes in myself, because it helped me to understand that I could really be better.

Adriana Pulier, Livadeia, Greece

I do read your ezine, and find it inspirational and very human. There is a hearfelt warmth that comes through you and makes it very real.


Anna Vuolo, Brooklyn, New York, USA

I really love your ezine Aspire to Wisdom. It gives a lot of information to  ponder throughout the day. The things that you provide allow me to think more about myself and my life. The ezine really helps emotionally, and spiritually. Keep up the good work.

Jamie Martin, Augusta, Georgi
a, USA

I have only been subscribing for 3 weeks, and so far have found the information in your  newsletter to be extremely informative, especially on a spiritual /intuitive level.  I enjoy the open and honest way your newsletter presents  itself.

Golda Carter, Melbourne, Australia

I love the Aspire To Wisdom. It contains a lot of information that is immediately applicable and can't be found on any website or book. This magazine has been a major source of emotional and spiritual strength. Eminently useful. At the risk of repeating myself, amazing ezine - don't know what I'd do without it

Andy Smith, Los Angeles California USA

Specifically, Aspire To Wisdom offers a "softer" but insightful way of approaching ways to handle difficulty or another viewpoint. Such that one takes the time to think, "Wow! this is not so bad", or "Maybe I can approach this from another angle". There's no need to get lost in "difficulty". I highly recommend subscribing to Asoka's wisdom

Phil Linklater, Auckland, New Zealand

Asoka's Aspire To Wisdom ezine connects me to thoughts, people who are hard to find in everyday life! Asoka's warmth, caring, love of the world and us in it, comes through in his  words of wisdom. You need answers - Asoka helps you to look to yourself to find them.

Wes Martin, Irvine, California, USA


I don't like complicated things, however, you made the complicated easy to grasp and apply. Your direct and clear approach  to your readers make the application of techniques more fun and adventurous. Thank you.

Elaina Saleh, Amman, Jordan


I subscribe to a number of "self help / motivation" sites and receive their newsletters. What makes ATW different is that it addresses ALL the important facets of a persons "whole" development. It lures the reader to "think outside the square" in relation to personal development being a very spiritual experience and it's link to prosperity in respect of physical and mental wealth. It helps you look at the "fear factor" of personal change in a different light. If you begin to see change as a positive spiritual enlightenment it can have the impact of reducing the stress that causes fear and so often stiffles a persons determination to make the adjustments to their mindset that is required to achieve real personal development.

Stephen Wharton, Sydney, Australia

Asoka Selvarajah's 
"Aspire to Wisdom"
FREE Newsletter

Packed with strategies and secrets for you to achieve spiritual & material abundance, happiness, and manifest your dreams!

Important Note: We respect Your E-mail privacy.

Plus 3 FREE EBOOKS, Inner Light Outer Wealth, The Jealously Guarded Secret  AND As A Man Thinketh... when you join!


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