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How One Book Can Change Your Life!….

One book can change your life.

I remember when I worked for a major investment bank. They had
just had a staff reshuffle. I survived it because I had only just
joined the place as a trainee a mere two months earlier. All the
people who had hired me were now gone, and I was left at a loose

Anyway, I found a book that interested me. It was about the whole
science/art of forecasting financial markets by using price
charts. So I asked the company to buy it for me, and they did.
The book cost about $25. I studied it and liked what I read.

Believe it or not, that one book – it’s called “Technical
Analysis of the Futures Market” by John Murphy – changed my
entire career, and set the stage for me arguably becoming one of
the best market forecasters in the industry. (I have had no less
than TWO of my managers – both Global department heads of major
investment banks – tell me they thought I was the best analyst
they had ever met in their entire careers. These
two guys have never met each other either!)

All this for an initial investment of $25.

The moral of the story is that even one good book can change your
life, totally and completely.

Information is what separates the knowledgeable from the
ignorant. A person who does not read and study in his/her chosen
field of expertise is no better than a person who CANNOT read.

The motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, is known for saying that he
reads for three hours a day, every day. Now, that sort of time
period may not be your choice, but NOBODY should be reading for
less than an hour a day. Nobody.

There’s no secret as to how to do it either. You merely sit down
in a place where you won’t be disturbed, and keep doing it until
time’s up.

So what are YOU reading these days?…

If you’re studying spiritual material, you should make my course,
“The Seven Golden Secrets To Knowing You Higher Self” a top
priority. I have studied in the area extensively, sifted out all
the dross, and presented to you all my findings in one profound
but enjoyable course. And it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg

===> The 7 Golden Secrets To Knowing Your Higher Self

But whatever field you are interested in, make sure you put in
the time to study and master it. Books and courses represent the
distilled wisdom of experts. They are a great time saver because
they are saving you the time and money of having to reinvent the
wheel, and find out all the same things for yourself.

So, challenge yourself. Read every day. Determine to get GOOD at
something, or at least knowledgeable in a field of interest.



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So good to hear from you!
If I am not mistaken, I believe it was Confusious that stated: “One who seeks knowledge from only one book is a fool”.
I like you, my friend, enjoy knowledge from many sources. Reading is one method that serves one way of attaining knowledge.
My methodology of attaining wisdom, however, comes from key-municating with many different people & spending qualty time with my God so as to give me the ability to discern. In conclusion, it is my belief that without true belief in a central source of knowledge one may not attain wisdom.

Thank-you for this opportunity to key-municate with some one so wise as yourself. Keep up the excellent work that God has so graciously bequethed to you.


p.s. I coined the term key-municate? which I truly consider a gift from God. GOD is LOVE!!!

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